Before I started a nut butter business I worked as a CGI artist for 4 years – I know not all small producers have the time to develop and invest in the equipment for perfect shots of their hard made product. so I would like to give a little back and offer reasonably priced CGI stills of your product.

What is CGI?

CGI stands for computer generated imagery. It means that I take the dimensions of your product packaging and reproduce them perfectly on the computer. The end result will look completely photorealistic and you will not be able to tell it was computer generated.

Why use CGI?

CGI has several advantages over photography.

  1. The finished result is perfect. There are no dust, blemishes, or smudges.
  2. You can swap out labels in minutes. If you’ve spent a ton of money on a photography shoot for your products, but then end up changing the labels, even marginally, you will have to invest the same amount of money again. In CGI I already have the jars and scene set up. All I need to do is swap the label file and press a button, and you will have the exact same image but with the new label.
  3. Its quicker, an therefore cheaper. For simple objects such as jars and cans, turn around time can be as little as an hour.

What is CGI not suitable for?

The speed and advantages of CGI is mainly limited to pre-packaged food. This is as packaging is very easy to make look realistic in CGI. However food is not simple to create, and can be very time consuming – so any food products I do must be encased in a jar, box, bottle or other similar man made object.

What do you need in order to complete an order?

Ideally a real example of your product, just so I can be sure I’m replicating it well. But if not I can work from dimensions of your products and a couple of photos. I will also need any label files.


(this is a rough guide, please contact us below to get a full quote)

1 Front on hero shot of product: £40

-Any additional angles are an extra £10

Product range where all products have the same packaging:

£40 for first product then £10 each for any additional products. If you have more than 5 products this is lowered to £5 for each additional product.

£10 for any changes after delivery. EG. if a year later you change the labels I will be happy to resupply you with updated images.